Welcome To VAAKAM Meeting

Our Features

Premium Service

We use open source technology, but we do not use their servers. Experience enterprise grade Video Calling, Meeting and Conferencing solution at fraction of costs.

End to End Encryption

Are you a Govt, Political Party or NGO? Discussing critical info in meetings? VAAKAM is for you. We are based on Open Source Technology which offers end to end encryption. You can be sure that no one is spying on your call.

Hosted in a Democratic Countries

We are for democracy and our entire infrastructure is based on one of the most free countries in the world. Our most resources are from India, US, UK and Germany. You can be sure that govt isn't spying on you.

Unlimited Participants

Our Infrastructure can support upto Unlimited participants per meeting. Sky is the limit.

Who Can Use This ..?

Create Meetings

Create your official Meetings on Vaakam Platform and enjoy state of the art technical innovation.

Video Call

Calling your loved ones? Forget those blurred videos, use VAAKAM.


Virtual Classroom

Because the Show must go on! Education is important and VAAKAM helps students and teachers to connect.

For Govts and NGOs

End to End Security, VAAKAM is built on Open source platform, that means your data is always safe.